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Tutoring For Extracurriculars that use Reading and Writing

Our tutors can work with your child in any of their endeavors that employ reading and writing skills, including areas not usually offered as curricular subjects. Each special course is led by a tutor with expertise in that area. If your child is interested in something not listed here, please reach out, as we may be able to help.


Online Tutors International supports student playwrights in writing dramatic works that may be performed at school or in community theatre programs. Creating a script for a play or musical challenges a writer in ways that few other genres do, as they have to envision how their piece will come to life in a live theatrical performance.

What We Provide

Playwriting Tutoring


  • Finding and developing ideas for theatrical pieces
  • Studying model scripts to learn playwriting techniques
  • Creating vivid characters who move the play forward, act as the agent of conflict and overcome obstacles
  • Deciding on the structure of the play; organizing its acts and scenes, and clarifying its story, the chronological course of events that took place on and off the stage
  • Developing plot, the protagonist’s journey, a clear problem for the character to solve
  • Incorporating theme, a central idea, intent, purpose or message
  • Writing narrative and dramatic dialogue, words with which the characters define themselves
  • Creating spectacle and a visual world through setting, scenery, costumes, light, sound, choreography, and style
  • Using rhythm, the pacing of the language, music, pattern and beat that create the mood and visual tempo of the show
  • Drafting and revising the script into an enthralling final script and formatting the play upon completion
For Special Courses, we recommend hour-long sessions.
Students may want longer sessions when they have big projects or pressing deadlines.