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Writing Tutoring For Middle School


The early adolescent years bring a lot of changes. Middle school students have developmental needs particular to them and distinct from those of students in elementary and high school. Just as they are maturing as people, in fits and starts, so too do they mature as writers in their ability to navigate the writing process with more independence; use author’s craft purposefully in many complicated genres; write grammatically correct sentences; and use proper punctuation accurately and artfully. Middle school students are often assigned to write research-based nonfiction in subjects such as History, Social Studies and Science, as well as literary essays, narrative non-fiction and creative writing in English/language arts. Many middle schools combine English and Social Studies, referring to this blended approach as Humanities.


Our tutors love teaching writing to middle school students because the cognitive ability of kids this age is growing so quickly and they speedily become capable of doing more as writers. Our tutors are expert at meeting the challenge of helping students improve their skills in writing with greater depth and at greater length – and enjoy the writing process. They help students successfully complete writing assignments in every subject, and, for students especially drawn to writing, help them stretch themselves in specialized courses of study and writing projects.

Our tutors teach students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade how to organize their pieces and to focus their writing by gathering the details they need, often through research. They pay special attention to teaching students how to revise their writing so that it meets grade-level standards. They show students well-written mentor (or model) texts to help them envision how to structure their writing effectively and write with precision. Diagnosing what each child’s writing lacks in terms of conventions, they provide the instruction students need in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Through tutoring sessions, middle school children learn how to make their pieces evocative and effective and to infuse their writing with voice.

What We Provide

Academic Support Tutoring


  • Supports children in sixth, seventh and eighth grade in with writing homework from their teachers in English/ELA, Social Studies and Humanities classes,
  • Helps students plan out, organize, and complete demanding long-term writing assignments and creative writing projects
  • Teaches children how to use narrative and nonfiction texts as the source material for essays, reports, persuasive pieces, and research projects
  • Enhances their ability to participate in class discussions by teaching them how to anticipate what they will be asked to talk about, whether in person or online
  • Upgrades and compliments the writing instruction they receive in English/ELA, Social Studies and Humanities
  • Replaces any writing instruction their classroom teachers are unable to provide
  • Advances their ability to write with detail and proper use of conventions
  • Expands their proficiency and confidence as writers
  • Gets students ready to write at the high school level

Enrichment Tutoring


  • Teaches children, through customized courses of study outside of school assignments, to explore topics they are interested in by writing about them; or to write in a genre that resonates for them, such as memoir, fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, argument writing, journalism and graphic novels
  • Offers high-level writing work beyond the classroom curriculum and prepares students for demands that will be placed on them as writers in the future
  • Expands their repertoire of writing strategies
  • Helps students develop autonomy and reach their full potential as writers
  • Strengthens their authorial voice

Small Group Writing Workshop


  • Custom-designed courses for two to five children who are interested in a group writing workshop experience
  • Participants can all write in the same genre, or each child can write in the genre of their choice
  • Given the drama, confusion and change of early adolescence, having time and space to write about what is important to them with a group of peers can make all the difference in how teens experience these years of transition
  • Tutors conduct an individual one-on-one writing conference with each student during every session
  • Students share their writing work with each other and learn how to give constructive feedback
For individual students in grades 6-8, we recommend hour-long tutoring sessions.
For Writing Workshops, we recommend sessions of one to two hours, depending on the size of the group.
Group discounts may be available.
Middle school reading instruction often includes a writing component,
though writing assignments do not necessarily include a reading
component. In consultation with your child’s tutor,
you can select tutoring that supports your child in reading, in writing, or in both.
Middle School students read and write in classes other than
English/Language Arts, such as Social studies and even Science.
And many schools blend together
instruction in English and History and call it Humanities.
Our tutors help students with all assignments that involve reading or writing in any subject.