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The Challenge Of The Common Application Essay

College admissions are more competitive than ever. Every year, thousands of candidates with spotless academic records, sky-high test scores and impressive extracurricular activities are turned away from top schools. That colleges affirm many of those they reject could have succeeded on their campus but that they don’t have space for all qualified applicants is small comfort to students and families.

What separates applicants who are accepted to their preferred choice from those who are rejected or wait-listed? Often, it is the personal essay. When a college or university is weighing the decision to accept one student or another with similar qualifications, the applicant’s essay can make all the difference. The essay gives students the opportunity to breathe life into their application. In the essay they can provide the extra wow factor that makes them stand out from the crowd and that shows the admissions officer why they are a good match for a particular college or university.

A revealing Common Application essay gives admissions officers a glimpse into the individual behind the grades and scores, what makes them tick and how they see the world. A well-crafted and constructed essay lets them know the applicant is a strong writer, one who can communicate ideas in a clear and compelling manner. And a strategic essay convinces the admissions officer that the student is a good fit for their school and will matriculate if offered a spot.


Our tutors are highly-experienced writers and editors in their own right. Some of them have not so long ago written a college essay themselves – one that helped get them into a great college or university. Others are the parents of recent college applicants who, with their editing assistance, wrote memorable college essays that helped them get into their top choice schools.

At ONLINE TUTORS INTERNATIONAL we pride ourselves on giving each student the individualized guidance and support they need at all stages of the college essay process, from finding the perfect topic that highlights who they are, to polishing their essay until it is memorable and will impresses any admissions officer who reads it.

What We Provide

Coaching and Editing


  • One-on-one brainstorming sessions that help students discover the just-right focus for their Common Application essays
  • Support in outlining, planning, and drafting a College Essay that is compelling, unique and finished within the necessary time frame
  • Consultation throughout the drafting process
  • Suggestions for craft moves that will make the prose sing
  • Revising and editing that lead to the best possible distillation of the ideas the student aims to get across
  • Encouraging feedback that gives students confidence that they can indeed express themselves effectively
  • Motivational suggestions that empower students to continue working on their College Essay until they have written a fully-realized piece that will make them stand out as the perfect candidate for the college of their choice
For College Essays, we recommend hour-long sessions.
Student may want longer sessions when they have pressing deadlines to meet.