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Unparalleled Expertise

We give students an extraordinary opportunity.

Our tutors are some of the most experienced educators in the world when it comes to identifying and resolving obstacles to student success in reading and writing.


By working with our exceptional tutors, students become engaged readers and accomplished writers.


We empower elementary, middle, and high school students to navigate challenging work with confidence throughout their academic careers.

One-to-One Tutoring

It’s as if our tutors are sitting next to your child.

We bring the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of teaching reading and writing right into your home.


Children need strong reading, writing and verbal communication skills to be successful in school and in their professional lives.


Our acclaimed tutors build uncommon relationships that help students learn to read and write with fluency and power.

Your child is smart, but something’s in their way

Would your child make great strides as a student if

they could reach the next level as a reader and writer?


Do your child’s assignments assume they have

reading and writing skills they’ve never been taught?


When students unlock their ability to read for

understanding and to write to be understood, their natural intelligence takes wing and there’s no stopping them.


gives your child the key

What makes us unique

Our Master Tutors are specialists widely-celebrated for the indelible marks they’ve made on teaching. They have…

Helped millions of children on six continents grow and thrive as readers and writers.


Coached hundreds of thousands of teachers in all 50 states and 40 countries around the world.


Authored influential and best-selling books teachers and school administrators turn to for wisdom and know-how in spurring student achievement.


Established global reputations as sought-after classroom practitioners; esteemed keynote speakers; and expert workshop leaders for private, independent, public, charter and international schools and districts worldwide.

Who our students are

We know every student’s journey is different. Our tutors help children handle transitions, alleviate stress and harness intellectual energy in…

Private and independent schools across North America

We help students manage the demands of high-powered, competitive environments and take pride in their hard work and accomplishments.


Top international schools worldwide

We help students adjust to new academic expectations, and read and write in English with self-assurance if it is their second or third language.


Public schools in urban, suburban and rural America

We help students everywhere, from affluent communities where kids juggle schedules jam-packed with homework and extracurriculars to low-income neighborhoods where kids strive to be the first in their family to go to college.


Families that have emigrated to the U.S. and Canada

We familiarize students with American school curriculums, and help them read and write well in English so they can flourish in a new culture while holding onto their old.

What we offer is rare

Our distinctive tutoring truly stands out because it is:

Taught by the world’s pre-eminent reading and writing teachers


Tailored precisely to each student’s individual and developmental needs


Informed by cutting-edge research


Remarkable in depth and focus


Masterful at sharpening children’s ability to read high-level texts, generate ideas and write about them effectively


Dedicated to creating citizens of the world, capable of shaping its future

Our Tutoring Services


    • Complete all homework, assignments and papers with proficiency and panache
    • Study thoroughly for tests and quizzes
    • Conduct research and organize projects
    • Be prepared to participate in class discussions
    • Become lifelong readers and writer



    • Upgrades and compliments instruction students receive in school
    • Replaces instruction teachers are unable to provide


    • Individualized study on a reading or writing topic of your child’s choice that gives them a chance to explore a subject or genre they love or that they have become curious about
    • A knowledgeable adult who brings to the table resources that are curated to your child’s interests and abilities
    • Challenging work that requires students to stretch themselves and helps them grow exponentially as readers and writers
    • Accelerated instruction in reading and writing that gives students a head start on the high-level academics they will face in the future


    • Guiding them through every step in the process of creating a stellar Common Application essay that stands out and helps them gain admission to a top college or university
    • Helping them choose an authentic focus; write a compelling first draft; revise their drafts for meaning and impact; and edit their final draft for clarity and literary craft
    • Supporting them in writing responses to the important shorter questions often included on college applications, such as the “Why us?” essay, ensuring that their answers are elegant, concise and convincing


    • Leadership

We help students write speeches, press releases, social media posts and letters to the editor for Student Government, Service-Learning, Advocacy, Model U.N. and more

    • Journalism
    • Graphic Novels
    • Playwriting

How We Work


Building a strong working relationship with your family is paramount at ONLINE TUTORS INTERNATIONAL. When you contact us, our directors will get in touch with you to discuss your child’s academic profile, personality and interests. Then we’ll match your child with a tutor that’s just right for them.


Each tutoring cycle begins with a comprehensive assessment. Upon meeting a new student, tutors employ a variety of assessment tools to gauge the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Tutors will read your child’s writing and talk with them about books to assessing where the student is as a reader and writer.


Based on their assessment, and your child’s pending assignments, tutors decide what is the most important thing to teach your child next. They also develop a long-range plan for your child. They identify areas for improvement and delineate a path for your child to achieve those goals.


Tutors find out what’s happened in the student’s academic life since their last session. They might ask: Was anything in school confusing? How has your homework been going? Did you do as well as you expected on that test? Have you made headway on your paper? Is there something pressing we should focus on today?

Tutors review past assignments and assist with current homework, as needed. Tutors teach concepts students are struggling with and give them the kind of one-to-one, personal attention often lacking in school. This makes all the difference in a child’s ability to learn and succeed.

Finally, your child and their tutor outline what work the student will do before their next session. Your child learns how to organize their time and make sure they’re prepared for what is coming down the road.


After each session, your tutor sends you a report via email. They summarize how well your child was able to focus, absorb new information and practice new skills, and update you on your child’s deadlines and study schedule. These reports give you a picture of the progress your child is making and the work that remains for them to do. You can respond to your tutor via email to ask questions and confirm upcoming sessions.

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World-Renowned Educators

We give your child a chance to learn from some of the most superb reading and writing teachers in the world. Students learn best from highly-skilled educators who know them well as readers and writers. And no one has more expertise in determining exactly where your child is as a reader and writer — nor more talent in identifying what they need to learn next in order to progress — than the Master Tutors of Online Tutors International.

One-to-One Personal Attention

Our goal is to create, virtually, the same kind of life-changing 1:1 connection a student can have with a teacher that inspires them school. We strive to make sure that Online Tutors International’s remote face-to-face tutoring is as close as possible to having a smart, dedicated and intuitive teacher sitting right next to your child helping them learn.

Let’s Get Started

Once you contact us, we’ll set up a phone appointment to discuss what you’re looking for in a tutor. We customize our tutoring to meet your needs.


After we learn about your child’s academic strengths and challenges — and their interests and disposition — we’ll select a tutor for them who is the perfect match.

Schools We’ve Worked With

Our Master Tutors have worked on six continents — in hundreds of schools in the United States and Canada and dozens of schools in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East.


Perhaps we’ve been to your neck of the woods!